Store Visits Conversions

Store Visits Conversion
Store Visits Conversion

Store Visits Conversions It’s one type of conversion Categorized under Google Offline Conversion

If visits to your physical locations matters then you need to have a look on this blog post.

Store Visits Conversions helps you to see the impact of DIgital Marketing on your offline sales.

You Can directly optimize toward Store Visits Conversions through Local Campaigns.

Store Visits Conversion with Local Campaigns

Benefits of Stroe Visits Conversions:

  • See which campaigns, keywords, and devices drive the most store visits to your business
  • Understand your return on investment (ROI) and make more informed decisions about your ad creatives, spend, bid strategies, and other elements of your campaigns
  • Evaluate and optimize omnichannel performance by including store visit conversions in your Smart Bidding strategies. 

Store Visits Conversions Requirements:

For Requirements please refer to the referance section at the end of this post.


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