Google rolled out Smart Dispaly Campaign.

With Smart Display Campaign you have the option to be billed and pay only for conversion when you choose traget CPA bidding strategy, So clicks without conversions are free clicks, with limitation on Target CPA less than $200 USD

For example, if you set your Target CPA to $10 and you get 10 conversions during a month, you would be billed $100. You will not be charged for clicks or impressions leading to the conversions.

For more great results exlcude irrelevant topics.

For Brand Image control prevent yours ads from showing on inappropriate cotent.

Smart Display Campaign best practices by Google:

  • Combine Smart Display Campaign with Responsive Dispaly Ads.
  • Your account must have more than 100 conversions in the last 30 days to use pay for conversions.
  • 90% of your conversions to occur within less than 7 days after someone clicks your ad.
  • You can set a Target CPA less than $200 USD (or equivalent in local currency) for your campaigns.
  • Remove offline conversion tracking. (Offline conversion types include ”Import from clicks” and “Store visits.”)
  • Pay per conversion is not available in all accounts, it might be Ineligible for undisclosed reasons.


By Mohamed Ali

Digital Marketing Freelancer


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