B2B Lead Generation:

B2B Lead Generation can be a little harder than the B2C but with optimization efforts and keeping up to date with most recent tactics and digital strategies.
Most important thing is that you don’t surrender early.Recommendations:


  • Test different targeting criterias on ad group level.
  • Split campaigns by country, language & objective.
  • Test GDN and Gmail Campaigns.
  • Use more strict Geo targeting (People regulary in target location)
  • Test automated bidding strategies (my favorite if you have enough conversion data”Maximize Conversions“)
  • Always keep on eye on performance peaks and spikes.

performance over 25 month

Youtube Ads for eCommerce


  • Test different targeting criterias on ad group level ex: contextual, Topics, Audiences Lists, Demographics.
  • Test different versions of localized videos for target country.
  • Test automated bidding strategies ex: Maximize Conversions & Target CPA, (the rest isn’t available for in stream conversion Campaigns)
  • If you have some extra budget test unskipable ads for awareness reasons and compare performance after & before.

Performance trend in 4 months:
CPA down by almost 50%