Google Offline Conversion

Google Offline Conversion
Google Offline Conversion

Google Offline Conversion, It’s the same concept as in Facebook Offline Conversion:
To measure the impact of an online campaign on foot traffic fall on your physical store.or When you close a sale offline (over the phone or in person) and you want to track this sale in a CRM system

Google Offline Conversion Gives you a more comprehensive look at which keywords and targeting criteria drive the most cost-effective conversions.

Types of Google offline conversion tracking

  • Google Ads Conversion Import: from any tracking system or from click on an ad (import from clicks) or with a call from your call only ads or call extension (Import phone call conversion)
  • Google Ads Conversion Import for Salesforce: automatically see when sales events that you track inSalesforce started with a click on an ad.
  • Zapier offline conversion tracking: automate the import of your Offline Conversion Tracking information from CRMs to Google ads

Google Offline Conversion Tracking Extra Benefit:

Google Offline Conversion is for:

  • Mainly business that rely on Lead Generation (ex hospitals, clinics, beauty salons, SPAs.
  • Fashion Brands that sell online and in store.
  • Supermarkets/ Hypermarkets & Electronics Retailers that’s advertise online and sell online and offline.

Google Offline Conversion is not for:

  • Ecommerce and 100% online business.
  • Business that transaction happens 100% online.

Online Business may still benefits in the folloiwng cases:

  • 30 days after the online sale so you can exclude transactions that resulted in a return.
  • Only if the sale was made to a new customer.
  • Only if it is a customer’s 2nd purchase.
  • When you close a sale online but are unable to use our standard Javascript-based conversion tracking solution.


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