Facebook Offline Conversions

Facebook Offline Conversion

Facebook Offline Conversions and CRM Sync tracking for Lead Ads will enable you attribute your offline sales with marketing efforts through facebook ads.

Let’s say that you own a Spa or barber shop salon, You do Digital Marketing on Facebook and collect leads data online then your sales guys close the deal for you.

at this moment it seems normal but you have 2 problems:
1- You don’t actually know your ROI for each single campaign.
2- You don’t actually know which client saw exaclty which ad.

We call the above attribution probelms. but With Facebook Offline Conversion you can get these data easily, because with Offline Conversion you are able to upload your sales data to Facebook and match transactions that occur in ‘real life’ (offline) with people who previously saw or clicked on your ads.

Facebook Offline Conversion Benefits:

  • Solves attribution problems for brick and mortar stores, Hospitals, Salons, Clinics, etc.
  • Creating Custom Audiences to Target Past Purchasers with custom offers/deals.
  • Create similar audiences (lookalikes) to get possible clients similar to your current customers.

Needed Data columns:

Email Address.
Phone Number.
First Name.
Last Name.
Event Time.
Event Name.
more data can be included

Data Upload Options:

Uploading data options;

  • Add offline sales data manually by CSV files:
    uploading a CSV file to Facebook Business Manager.
  • Use a pre-built integration to have data from your POS, CRM, or loyalty program automatically uploaded to Facebook. Find integrations and setup instructions here.
  • Have your development team hook your sales system to Facebook using the Facebook Offline Conversions API to automatically upload sales data to Facebook.

Metrics that can be used for marketing insights, reporting & optimization:
Offline Leads.
Cost per Offline leade.

Leveraging Offline conversion data insights will enhance your performance and rainforce your marketing decisions.




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