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How to Structure Facebook Ad Campaigns for Ecommerce?

Facebook Ecommerce campaigns Structure

Facebook ads Campaign Structure for Ecommerce Can be challenging:

For Better results split campaigns by user type; New Vs Returning

1-    Facebook Ads Prospecting Campaigns:

  • DABA: Dynamic Ads for Broad Audience; well known and used targeting in Ecommerce Campaigns:
    simply Broad targeting: nothing except target market country & Language (which means in other words: all interests, all demographics & all behaviors) for huge signals for algorithms to learn; that’s why.

2-    Facebook ads Remarketing Campaigns:

  • Remarketing is very important tactic for Facebook ad Campaigns
  • will be splitted on ad sets level (separate ad sets) for only people who performed some lower funnel action events and Each Targeting will be Excluded From the Other to prevent overlapping there (something similar to Cross Matching Negatives in Google Ads):
  • View content: in last 3, 7, 14, 30, –
  • Add to cart: in last 3, 7, 14, 30, –
  • Purchase in last 180 Days but not in last 30 Days.

3- Facebook Ads Custom Audience lists (CRM Targeting).

  • Usually you get the higher return from these audiences for Ecommerce from Facebook Ads.
  • Build lists for most loyal clients – try to sell them your most expensive stuff. Build your product sets smartly: For prospecting test whole catalogue Vs Best Sellers Vs Discounted Vs Low Price products.
  • For Remarketing use always whole catalogue (best practices) for your Custom Audience from your CRM (Loyal Clients) Test Most Expensive Products VS New Releases VS Exclusive products.
  • Play around Up sell Cross sell.
  • Prevent any Possible Overlapping marketing.

    Facebook ads Campaign can be profitable and drive more orders for your eCommerce only if you know how to structure your campaigns in good way and easy for management and optimization of the campaigns.

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