Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is effective tool for digital marketing because of number of active monthly users on the platform.
you can achieve huge reach to your target audience on Facebook.

Facebook Ads have many types of campaigns objectives, You should know the difference between them and choose the right objective for your campaign.

Most of E-commerce and online retailers focus on online transactions as a conversion action for their campaigns. While huge websites with millions of products uses Product Catalogue Sales as their Marketing Objective.

I managed total budgets of $ 130K/Month as a media spend on Facebook for a portfolio of clients (biggest players in MENA region).

Facebook Ads Campaigns Types

I run all kinds of Facebook ads and able to deliver results for all different performance campaigns objectives.

Facebook Lead Generation

I am expert in lead generation on Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp.

Dynamic Product Ads

expert in running product catalogue campaigns for eComs (Dynamic Product Ads & Collection ads).

Facebook Ads

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