Digital Marketing Specilist

How I became a Digital Marketing Specialist and later on a Digital Marketing Manager

digital marketing specialist
Digital Marketing Specialist

The passion for digital was the driver for being a digital marketing specialist.

I was in the translation carreer and specially in the simultaneous interpretation filed with a very good income.
And Before:
I was in tourism field as a tour leader and tour guide.
Something was missing which was the passion as the key driver at this moment wasn’t the money.

I was searching for the passion until I had the opportunity to join the respectful Denver ppc in Egypt.

And there I kick off my carreer and I found the passion.

Key takeawyas to be able to plan your career growth:

  • Don’t think about thge money when you are just starting. make it in later steps.
  • Stay focused and attentive to details.
  • Improve your data processing tools and be up to the trends in the industry.
  • Follow the biggest blogs and master in industry to continous updates.
  • Learn everything as digital marketing is immense field and you don’t know where you will end up.
  • Everyday you should learn a new skill or know one more piece of information.
  • Help yourself in stay up to date.
  • Test & test & test. this industry so far has no book, all schools methodologies was tested by someone one day.
  • Lerning by testing is better than learning by copying or memorizing.
  • Try to find a mentor.
  • Remeber that success is a result of continuous improvements and tweaks.
  • You can have a quick career path in this industry compared to another industries.

Steps and roles in Digital Marketing:
Main roles are divided between client servicing/ account management and technical execution.

I will mention some positions and roles below

  • Analyst, Senior analyst also called specialist and senior specilist.
  • In some places it’s more complicated and has more steps:
  • Executive, Senior Executive, Account Manager, Senior Account Manager, Account Director, Senior Account Director.

You are always more than welcome to read more about Digital marketing in my Blog.

Thanks for reaching at this point.

Written by Mohamed Ali
Digital Marketing Specialist

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