Digital Marketer Freelance Contractor

Digital Marketer Freelance Contractor, if it sounds like you or matches your dream job continue reading!

How to become Digital Marketer Freelance Professional?

Well it’s not hard and not easy at same time to learn digital marketing.

Regardless the educational background any one can be a Digital Marketing Freelancer if he/she has the passion and able to put the necessary effort.

I will try to mention some easy few steps here:

1- You should have Digital Marketing exposure to learn and excel.

2- You should work in a Digital Marketing Agency for some time to gain necessary knowledge, skills & strategies.

3- You shouldn’t quite your job until you already have your longtime clients that they trust you and you really did improve their Digital Marketing Performance.

4- You should have accounts on top Digital Marketing Freelancers Platforms:

Upwork, Guru, Freelancer etc..

5- Regarding the mentioned above platforms you should start slowly building your own brand and profile through good reviews and positive customers feedback.

6- When you reach your desired monthly income from freelance projects you can quite your job and dedicate your efforts for freelancing clients only.

7- Start with low hourly rates until you reach 100 hours or at least 1000 $ revenue then increase your rates gradually.

Freelancing advantages:

1- You are your own boss.

2- You decide when to work.

3- You decide the concept and methodology without conflicts with others.

4- Ni minimum salary, No maximum Salary, It’s up to you, You are the one who decides

Freelancing disadvantages:

1- No body there to teach you, So you should be able to teach yourself and solve the problems by yourself

2- It’s not all the time stable, suddenly clients decide to leave without saying why so you should consider this instability in your decisions.

3- Somehow you might isolated of new tactics and new Digital Marketing Methodologies and strategies, so make sure you are following to white papers, blogs, events about Digital Marketing.

4- You should be always be ready to go back to school or to shift to a full time job as nobody knows what tomorrow has for you.

Hope this can help you to become the Digital Marketer of your dreams.

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