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Digital Marketing Expert

Why you should hire Digital Marketing Freelancer in Dubai?
The most obvious reason is to get the same results while saving money on fees.

Digital marketing agencies fees can easily reach up to 30% (in some cases) of the media spend which can be considered as expensive of you have higher media spend.

But What if you can find a good freelancer that he/she is able to deliver same or better results than agency at a way lower costs, buy this way you will end up saving a ton of money.

Why Start-ups/ corporates prefers digital marketing agencies? Although the higher cost?

  • More professional to have a contract with an agency rather than a freelancer that he might be missing next day back home.
  • Some corporates just can’t deal with freelancer as a policy.
  • Agency doesn’t get sick, doesn’t take annual leave, if account manager is missing there is always a replacement
  • For consistency and stability it seems that an agency is away better than contracting a freelancers.

How to work with digital marketing freelancers in Dubai or anywhere and achieve success:

  • Have contacts ready for more than one, In case of someone is missing you can resume the project immediately with another freelancer.
  • Hire only the best in class who managed before biggest players in the region with a good portfolio and a proven record of success.
  • Do regular calls and follow ups to check performance improvements and tests.
  • Do ask for a weekly reports to see performance trends and drop justifications / scale up opportunities.
  • Hire someone with known long term previous projects, Some freelancers they work good for short time and then they disappear or no longer interested in the project.

I hope the above tips can help you in finding the best Digital Marketing Freelancer for your project.

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