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What does it cost to be a Digital Marketing Expert?

Digital Marketing Expert
Digital Marketing Expert

Beside knowledge and practice in Digital Marketing it costs other stuff.

Besides Digital Marketing Communication and Handling it costs other stuff.

To be an expert in any field it costs a lot of time and effort, To be a DIgital Marketing Expert it costs more:

  • Keep yourself updated with evolving industry trends that has no written books nor schools, everyday new strategy, tactics, tools and more.
  • You are your own teacher.
  • You need to test and test for every single optimization decision.
  • Best practices don’t work for all verticals or clients the same way.
  • It’s one of the most crowded job fields, you need to stand out of the crowd.
  • Results and numbers are your best friend.
  • Innovation and creativity are your best tools.
  • Taking on time actions is your most effective weapon.
  • Learn from industry Digital Marketing pioneers.
  • Find a mentor.
  • Connect to professional groups specialized in Digital Marketing.
  • Learning phase never ends.
  • Learn by doing.
  • Be the master of your trade.
  • Start a blog to practice SEO & Content, Run a Campaign to practice PPC.
  • Follow and Be top fan of Digital Marketing blogs and tutorials: SEJ, SEL, Wordstream, eMarketer, AdEspresso etc.
  • Implement what you learn ASAP.
  • Take Digital Marketing Courses.
  • Attend Digital Marketing live webinars.
  • Focus on one channel at a time.
  • Keep working on yourself as you are your best teacher.
  • Teach others and speak to people about what you know.

I hope what I mentioned above can be enough to start finding the way to be a Digital Marketing Expert.

Now you know how to become a true Digital Marketing Expert.

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By: Mohamed Ali.

Certified Digital Marketer

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